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10 Features to Consider When Building a Custom Home


10 Features to Consider When Building a Custom Home

Your home should be where you feel most comfortable, the dwelling you go to after the day is done and it’s time to rest. Your ultimate sanctuary and a place that should inspire peace and serenity, your home should be more than just four walls and a roof. It should be the real-life manifestation of all the elements that bring you joy and that inspire rest, relaxation, convenience, and contentment.

Proud to provide some of the best luxury home designs in Nashville, RK Junior Development Group works with clients to fashion luxury custom homes throughout Nashville and Middle Tennessee. Our homes are not only the real-life realization of what had once been a wishful dream for our clients, but they also assist in setting the bar for other Nashville custom home builders.

If you’re planning a custom home in Nashville, the following are ten features to consider.

Iron or Steel Entry Doors

Iron and steel entry doors are superior to wood, glass, fiberglass, and composite doors. Iron and steel doors are made from durable materials that provide extra security. Iron and steel doors tend to stand up to the elements better, are corrosion resistant, and they retain their original design and last much longer than doors made of other materials. Plus, the added weight and attention to detail in their finish and artistry gives you and your guests a feel for how luxurious and high-quality they are.

Scullery or ‘Prep’ Kitchens

The kitchen is often thought to be the focal point of the home, so wouldn’t it be nice if it were always neat, tidy, and presentable to guests? To accomplish this, savvy homeowners opt for a scullery or prep kitchen when they design a custom home in Nashville. Often described as a kitchen within a kitchen, the scullery kitchen provides a hidden space to do 90% of the meal prep, to store dishes, linens, dry goods, small appliances, and more. The prep kitchen is “where all the mess happens,” allowing your luxury kitchen to be a clean, mess-free showcase for your guests. Another benefit of a scullery kitchen is that it can be designed to meet your needs. Some prefer a scullery kitchen that has extra counter space and an extra sink for meal prep and cleanup. Others prefer their scullery be designed for additional storage.

Smart Home Technology

A ‘Smart Home’ is a convenient home setup where appliances, media systems, temperature, fireplaces, and other features can be controlled remotely from anywhere using internet-connected mobile devices. Other examples of smart home tech include automated window shades and curtains (which can be programmed to open and close at certain times of the day and night), Bluetooth speakers, and peace-of-mind security. RK Junior uses Prodigy smart home technology solutions for all tech-related home upgrades. Perhaps the best smart home feature is the unlimited ways they can be customized. RK Junior can help clients choose which smart home features they’d like in their Nashville custom home.

Dog Washing Stations

We all love our furry friends, but we don’t love the hair, mud, dirt, grass, and twigs they tend to bring in on their fur and paws! Thankfully, dog washing stations can be custom-built into a home’s mud room, garage, porch area, back deck, or workshop. Such stations require minimal maintenance and save time and money on home-cleaning services.

Dual Primary Suites

Dual primary suites = luxury homes in Nashville perfect for entertaining. With two primary suites, your guests get their own private oasis to rest, relax, and truly feel well cared-for. Also, when a bathroom ensuite is added to each primary bedroom, there’s no more waiting to use the bathroom in the morning! Homeowners who plan to entertain visitors, extended family, and close friends opt for dual primary suites in their custom homes, a clever design element brought to the table by RK Junior Development Group.

Heated Floors

A special kind of joy comes from stepping barefoot into a bathroom ensuite early in the morning or late at night and being greeted by heated tile floors! Nashville doesn’t get many cold-weather days, but when they do occur, heated floors create a cozy, comfortable experience that offsets the cool weather, snow, or rain outside. When considering the best Nashville homebuilder to design your custom home, make sure they offer to install heated floors in your home’s bathrooms.

Shower Rooms

Why spend the time driving to the local spa when you can have your private spa in the comfort of your luxury Nashville home? RK Junior designs shower rooms with full glass enclosures and unique amenities such as steam fixtures, rainfall shower heads above, and pressure-balanced wall-mounted shower heads for horizontal water flow. These shower rooms are 100% customizable and can be outfitted to meet your specific needs.

Additional Laundry Room on the Upper Level

Nashville luxury homes usually feature a dedicated laundry room, but the best homes in Nashville also have a second dedicated laundry room on the upper level. Such a feature eliminates the need to carry laundry up and down the stairs. And another benefit? Laundry chores get done in half the time, allowing you more time to relax, recreate, or tackle the next home project.

Media Room or Home Theater

An in-home theater or media room elevates a home and creates the ultimate living experience. Such a room makes the home perfect for entertaining, an ideal spot to show movies and sports, play games, and put on birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, and other gatherings. Rather than fighting traffic to make it to the movie theater on time, an in-home theater allows you to control what you watch, when you watch it, what volume you watch it at, and whether or not you choose to watch with the subtitles on! As one of the best homebuilders in Nashville, RK Junior can easily assist you in adding a media room or home theater to your perfect Tennessee custom home.

Outdoor Kitchen and Entertaining Space

Nashville is known for its 206 days of sunshine per year, and what better way to enjoy that sunshine than from the comfort of an outdoor entertaining space? Decks, porches, pools, jacuzzis, dining areas, outdoor kitchens, seasonal rooms with screened walls, all of the above and more are a must for Nashville luxury custom homes. Creative custom homebuilders in Nashville will know how to weave such an outdoor space into the natural contours and grade of the property, creating an idyllic nature space that seems just a part of the landscape and natural surroundings. RK Junior takes special pride in designing outdoor entertainment spaces that flow naturally from indoor spaces. For example, the strategic use of full-glass sliding doors between the kitchen/main living areas and the back patio provides homeowners with a fluid transition from indoor entertaining to outdoor entertaining.

Rk Junior Development Group can Help You Make Your Dream Nashville Home a Reality

RK Junior designs and builds custom homes in Nashville. Committed to setting the bar for this industry, we don’t cut corners, we build them! To take the first step in creating your perfect custom home in Middle Tennessee, click the “Book a Discovery Session” button below. To learn more about our current offerings of unique luxury homes in Nashville, click the “View Available Homes” button below. If you have any questions, please call our office at (615) 377-0759.