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Five Things to Look for When Hiring a Luxury Custom Home Builder in Nashville


Five Things to Look for When Hiring a Luxury Custom Home Builder in Nashville

According to Nashville’s Tennessean newspaper, about 85 people have moved to Music City every day since 2016, making Tennessee’s ‘Athens of the South’ one of the fastest-growing urban centers in America. As Nashville grows in both population and popularity, so too has there been an increase in the number of Nashville custom home builders.

Families moving to the area from out-of-state often hire contractors to build a custom home in Middle Tennessee, but how does one choose the right builder? Especially when they’re moving from across the country and most of their interactions with the builder will be over the phone and online?

According to one source, at least 164 construction companies are registered in Nashville, a few of which made Nashville Business Journal’s list of “People to Watch in Nashville Business in 2023.” But 164 is still a huge figure to sift through, and that’s just the companies registered within the city limits of Nashville. That list does not include the hundreds more registered in surrounding counties that serve the Nashville metropolitan area.

Families who want to design a custom home in Nashville may feel overwhelmed by options, so when choosing the best Nashville home builder to meet your needs, look for these five traits:

1). They Have a Track Record. Choose a Builder with a Track Record of Excellence.

Every time a city experiences a boom such as Nashville has witnessed for the last several years, opportunist “builders” flock to the city, hoping to cash in. To ensure you work with a contractor who can provide you with the best luxury home design in Nashville, choose a business with a strong portfolio of sold, current, and in-progress homes.

When considering hiring a contractor to design and build a custom home in Middle Tennessee, look at their available homes to see what projects the contractor has recently completed. Peruse their portfolio and look for a wide variety of home designs, excellent quality, and attention to detail.

2). They’re Transparent. The Best Home Builder in Nashville Will Operate with Transparency at the Forefront.

Although they seem to spring to life right before your eyes in the city’s growing neighborhoods, luxury custom homes in Nashville don’t just happen overnight. When done right, they are crafted from the intentional and superb cooperation between builder and client, a cooperation that is founded on transparency.

Transparency is so important to success between builder and client that RK Junior put it as the guiding principle of all business operations, like in RK Junior’s innovative Cost-Plus system. Quoting RK Junior founder Ron Kelley, Jr., “Our Cost-Plus system is fully transparent. It empowers clients to enjoy a productive, positive relationship with our team, one that results in the exact home they want, precisely designed to meet their needs. This model works, and it’s already being replicated by other builders across Tennessee and the South.”

3). They Prioritize Clarity. Nashville Luxury Custom Homes Blend the Client’s Vision with the Builder’s Skill.

The best homes in Nashville are built by contractors who strive for clarity with their clients. RK Junior does this by inviting the client into the digital programs, planning sessions, purchasing order databases, weekly updates, and strategy meetings that go into creating the home.

At RK Junior, it all begins with the Discovery Session, a proprietary step RK Junior developed to help prospective clients determine if RK Junior will be a good fit for them. In his own words, Ron Kelley, Jr. describes the Discovery Session as “…a chance for you to sit down with one of our team members and tell us about your goals for your new home, as well as share any thoughts you may have about the process. This session is an informal meeting that usually lasts around 1 hour, during which time our team member will ask you a series of questions to help us better understand what you are looking for in your new home. If necessary, we can also provide you with some additional information about the building process, and talk through any initial questions you may have.”

4). They Give Back. The Best Homes in Nashville are Crafted by Locals Who Care About Music City.

As highlighted earlier, many contractors have flocked to Nashville seeking opportunities during the city’s boom. But some home builders were here investing in the city and its communities long before Nashville entered the national scene. In an interview with a local journalist, Ron described his mission by saying, “I wanted RK Junior Development Group to be service oriented. I’m passionate about helping others, and I love my community. So many Nashville folks built me up and supported me while I grew up here, went to school here, got my first job here, and went into business here. Now I want to uplift and support my community. I love my hometown, and I know I can improve it through RK Junior’s advocacy, mentorship, volunteering, and financial support.”

That mission led to RK Junior’s support of several local nonprofits and its involvement in the Four Horsemen, a philanthropic group comprised of Ron Kelley, Jr. and three other minority business owners created to build homes for needy families in Nashville. When looking for a Tennessee custom home that will meet your needs, the best homes are built by locals who care about the city, who hire local professionals, who source materials from local suppliers, and who reinvest in the community that so many families from across the country and world have fallen in love with.

5). Their Homes Take Your Breath Away. The Best Luxury Home Design in Nashville Stands Out.

Nashville has hundreds of options in home builders to choose from – which may feel overwhelming at first – but sometimes the best way to choose someone to build your dream Nashville custom home is to find a builder who crafts homes you fall in love with.

Whether you want to purchase an existing home designed and built by a builder you love, or whether you’d prefer to design and build your own unique luxury custom home in Nashville, finding a builder who already specializes in the style and designs you like can help ensure you get a builder who will meet your needs.

Luxury Nashville Homes Created for You

The best Nashville luxury homes are crafted by local professionals who live and work in Nashville, who are deeply connected to the city, and who are personally invested in helping people new to Music City fall in love with the city and their new homes.

Committed to setting the bar for Nashville home development, RK Junior doesn’t cut corners; we build them. To take the first step in creating your perfect custom home in Middle Tennessee, click the “Book a Discovery Session” button below. To learn more about our current offerings of unique luxury homes in Nashville, click the “View Available Homes” button below. If you have any questions, please call our office at (615) 377-0759.