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The Four Horsemen Foundation Completes First Charity Home Build


The Four Horsemen Foundation Completes First Charity Home Build

RK Junior Development Group – in partnership with three other Nashville home builders – just completed another home, and this one was something special. While the beautiful home at 1545 Ridgemont Dr. in La Vergne has the trademark aesthetic and incredible craftsmanship of other RK Junior homes, the significance and deeper meaning behind this home are unique. This home was a charity contribution, built by the Four Horsemen Foundation – a collaboration between RK Junior, Province Builders, Landon Development, and Arnold Homes – for a family who’d lost their house in a terrible fire.

Local Homebuilders Formed an Alliance to Give Back to the Community

In 2022, Ron Kelley Jr. of RK Junior Development Group, Jimmie Johnson of Landon Development, John Swift of Province Builders, and Randy Arnold of Arnold Homes formed the Four Horsemen Foundation. The fledging 501(c)(3) immediately got to work by donating over $200,000 and their crews’ man-hours and materials to help the Gaines family of La Vergne, Tennessee rebuild a fire-destroyed home the insurance company refused to fully pay for.

The Gaines’s original home had been completely destroyed in the fire, and they’d lost everything. “It was so quick, like you see it on TV and in movies, but that had no comparison to the quickness that it spread,” said D’Angelo Gaines, who lived in the home with his fiancé and daughter. “This instance right here has opened my eyes to a lot,” Gaines said. “When you have your house go up, there’s a lot of stuff in there that means stuff to you personally.” Once the flames receded, the community stepped up to help the Gaines family, with neighbors pooling donations and setting up a GoFundMe to help the trio get back on their feet.

Ron and his colleagues in the Four Horsemen immediately got to work when they heard about the fire. The group sent crews to the site, demolished the ruins of the home, dug footers, and built a new home from the ground up. The stunning 2,200 sq. ft. home has four bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, a bonus room, a spacious kitchen, a fenced backyard, and a two-car garage.

Charitable Work Announced at the First Annual Namaste Gala

The Gaines family were the esteemed guests at the First Annual Namaste Gala, hosted at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Downtown Nashville on October 30th, 2022. Ron invited D’Angelo Gaines and his fiancé onto the stage so he could present them with the key to their new home. To add to that joyous moment, Magic Johnson – retired NBA Hall of Famer and winner of five NBA championships and three MVP awards – delivered the Namaste Gala keynote speech. Then Johnson helped the Four Horsemen raise $40,000 for charity by auctioning autographed merchandise and seats to Lakers basketball games.

To recognize the community work and philanthropic endeavors launched by the Four Horsemen Foundation, Nashville’s Mayor John Cooper attended the Namaste Gala, ascending the stage to present Kelley Jr., Johnson, Swift, and Arnold with Honorary Recognition awards for their service to the city.

More Charity Work from the Four Horsemen to Come

While the Ridgemont home was the first collaborative charity project between four of Nashville’s best home builders, it simply served as the launchpad for more projects. The Four Horsemen Foundation now works to manage, fund, and execute the development of one home for needy families per year, in addition to financially supporting a number of community nonprofits like Blessed Revelations and the Warner Elementary student support program.

“I was born in Nashville in 1986, I’ve lived here all my life, so I knew Nashville before it was NASHVILLE,” said Ron Kelley Jr., reflecting on what led him to the idea of starting the Four Horsemen Foundation. “This city and the community within it helped make me the man I am today. That’s why I’m committed to giving back to the community. And that’s why I set out in 2011 to create one of the most renowned luxury custom home building companies in Middle Tennessee. I wanted to foster a culture of philanthropy, give back to the community, and set an example for other business owners.”

Another Charity Home-Build Already in the Works

Ron, his staff at RK Junior, and the other members of the Four Horsemen Foundation are already planning another charity home-build to be organized, funded, and built by the Foundation. The group plans to locate a vacant parcel, purchase it, build a home, and then donate it to a needy family. The Four Horsemen will announce the parcel’s location and home plans at the Second Annual Namaste Gala in the autumn of 2023. Ron has already networked with several Middle Tennessee realtors and opinion leaders to find the perfect parcel for a new home and to locate a family in need.

“I wanted RK Junior Development Group to be service oriented. I’m passionate about helping others, and I love my community,” said Ron, laying out why projects like the Ridgemont home and others are so important to him. “Growing up in this city was crucial to shaping my compassion for my fellows Nashvillians. I went to school here, got my first job here, and went into business here. Now I want to uplift and support my community. I love my city, and I know I can improve it through RK Junior’s advocacy, mentorship, volunteering, and financial support.”

To contact the Four Horsemen Foundation about supporting them or to request support for a community organization or nonprofit, fill out our convenient online contact form.

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And here’s to dedicating our business activities to giving back to the communities that supported us.

-Ren Brabenec
RK Junior Staff Writer