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Tired of a Competitive Housing Market? Five Reasons to Work with a Custom Homebuilder in Nashville


Tired of a Competitive Housing Market? Five Reasons to Work with a Custom Homebuilder in Nashville

Locals, people who live nearby, and those considering a move to the city all understand one thing about Nashville housing: The real estate market in Nashville is competitive. Families looking to move to Nashville or those wishing to upgrade with a move across town can speak to the challenging nature of the current market.

Further, the data bears it out.

According to Nashville’s Compass Real Estate, home prices spiked in 2020, continued up in 2021, and only moderately stabilized in 2022. Inventory remains limited, leading to wild stories of buyers getting into bidding wars and homes selling at $50,000-$100,000 above asking price!

From Compass’s biannual feature in the Nashville Business Journal:

Second quarter new listings grew 29% and home sales increased by 26%. Data show a 14% decrease of days on the market during the same period. These factors benefited sellers, who enjoyed nearly a 10% quarter-over-quarter increase in median home price due to continued outsized bids, many over asking price. The steady inflow of out-of-state buyers to the area has largely fueled ongoing demand, something 86% of agents say they expect to continue even as market shifts occur.”

Real estate professionals often liken today’s Nashville luxury custom housing market to a rollercoaster ride. As one agent put it:

In many cases, it’s been a rollercoaster ride for buyers and sellers where caution is thrown to the wind in favor of quick and frenzied deals. Such an environment just isn’t sustainable.”

In such a real estate environment, families should consider buying a spec luxury home in Nashville. Or they should consider hiring a professional homebuilder in Nashville to build them a luxury custom home designed for them.

Five Reasons to Buy a Luxury Spec Home or Build a Custom Home

Working with one of the best homebuilders in Nashville to carefully design and build the perfect custom home in Middle Tennessee is a great decision and the perfect way to avoid the current, vexing market competition. Another wise option is to work directly with a local builder in buying one of the spec homes from their existing inventory of luxury Nashville homes. The following are five reasons why working directly with one of the best custom home builders in Nashville is the ideal choice:

1). No Competition with Other Buyers

All housing stock in Middle Tennessee is in high demand, but the Nashville luxury homes are especially so. Tapping into the knowledge base and coveted services of Nashville custom homebuilders allows one to completely bypass the competition for preowned houses.

When contracting with a local builder to design and build one’s dream Tennessee custom home, one gets exactly what they want from a home without being forced to compete with other buyers. No bidding wars, no high-pressure negotiations with real estate agents. Just the joy that comes with getting to design a custom home in Nashville.

2). Your Custom Home is Your Dream Home

Buying a preowned home comes with inevitable aspects about the home that “Could be better.” That’s not the case when working with skilled architects who produce the best luxury home design in Nashville, talented tradespeople, and an experienced builder like RK Junior, all who work with you step-by-step to ensure your home dream becomes a reality.

From minute details to broader home design, style, color palette, parcel development, installations, tech improvements, and endless amenities, working with a local homebuilder is akin to painting a picture of the perfect home and bringing it to life. When you design and build a custom home with one of the best Nashville homebuilders, you enjoy a seat at the table through every aspect of the design and build process.

3). Upgrades, Special Add-Ons, Warranties, All are Available to You

RK Junior specializes in helping clients get into the home they always dreamed about but never imagined could one day be a reality. That means RK Junior has the staff, industry knowledge, and resources to adjust, add on, and upgrade countless aspects of custom homes and luxury spec homes. This way, clients get exactly what they want, never having to settle for whatever just so happens to be available on the pre-owned market.

4). Enjoy Peace of Mind Like No Other

Even when homebuyers hire a home inspector during the closing process, buyers always take on some risk when they buy a preowned home. Perhaps the home was built several decades ago, and it’s possible it wasn’t well maintained. It’s almost impossible to know when a leak may crop up, when a failure might occur in the plumbing or electrical, or when a structural issue may develop.

Nashville custom homes built by RK Junior come with a warranty, giving buyers peace of mind and a sense of calm understanding that the home they’re investing in has been meticulously designed and constructed by skilled craftsmen so proficient in their work that RK Junior is more than confident in proudly offering a one year warranty.

5). Buy Local, Build Local, Support Local

Rather than buying pre-owned housing inventory, building a custom home in Nashville (or buying one of the best homes in Nashville as soon as the local builder finishes it) has a significant positive effect on the local economy.

Buying a preowned house just involves an ownership transfer, whereas buying a luxury spec home in Nashville or building a custom home means supporting good-paying jobs for contractors, skilled tradespeople, local builders, real estate professionals, designers, architects, and laborers. When one buys a newly built home or designs something truly customized to their tastes, interests, and needs, they keep their money local and help Nashville stay on the map for having the best custom homes in Middle Tennessee.

Work with Nashville Custom Homebuilder RK Junior to Secure the Home of Your Dreams

RK Junior builds some of the best Nashville luxury homes. Committed to setting the bar for Nashville home design and development, RK Junior doesn’t cut corners; it builds them. To create your perfect custom home in Middle Tennessee and Greater Nashville, click the “Book a Discovery Session” button below. To learn about our current offerings of unique luxury homes in Nashville’s many diverse neighborhoods and communities, click the “View Available Homes” button below. If you have any questions, please call our office at (615) 377-0759 or fill out our convenient contact form.

We look forward to hearing from you.

-Ren Brabenec
RK Junior Staff Writer