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Why Buy a New Home Rather Than an Old One?


Why Buy a New Home Rather Than an Old One?

“We don’t just build houses. We create spaces that draw you in, with details that you may not see in the average cookie cutter home! These details are what make your home feel special!” – RK Junior Staff

While older homes convey some charm and occasionally a vintage aesthetic, buying an older or lived-in home comes with far more demands than one might think. It’s easy to romanticize an older home, but once one experiences the day-to-day challenges of maintaining such a home, that romanticization fades away, and homeowners begin wishing for a brand-new, just-built home.

These realities play out in Nashville and Middle Tennessee, a part of the world where wear and tear, storms, termites, and foundation settling make older homes a questionable investment. That’s why working with one of the best home builders in Nashville to carefully design and build the perfect custom home in Middle Tennessee is a great decision and the perfect way to avoid the current, vexing market competition for used homes that likely have issues requiring attention or repair.

Another wise option for someone looking to buy a home in Nashville is to work directly with a local builder in buying one of the spec homes from that builder’s existing inventory of luxury Nashville homes. If a buyer commits to a new spec home while it is still being built, they can make decisions on the finishes and final details of their chosen home. People looking for the best homes in Nashville and the surrounding communities should consider new homes for the following five reasons:

“We wanted this Woodland Hills home to be dramatic so we choose to use Viking wood and painted black brick on the exterior of this home.” – RK Junior Staff

1). New Homes Often Come with a Warranty

Some of the best home builders in Nashville offer warranties on their homes. This is their commitment to excellence, a promise that the builder will take care of anything that may arise in the rare event that something goes wrong with the new home. In the case of RK Junior LLC, company founder Ron Kelley Jr. announced the implementation of warranties on all new construction homes by saying:

Part of a fully transparent business model is a commitment to one’s quality of work. That’s why RK Junior LLC proudly offers a one-year warranty on everything we build. Further, we work closely with our vendors. We have developed strong relationships with them, enabling us to connect you with skilled tradespeople who can address issues that may be out of our warranty, such as HVAC adjustment for appliance service calls.” – Ron Kelley Jr.

A warranty means that not only is one getting a new home that has all-new framing, roofing, flooring, finishes, appliances, and amenities that no one else has ever used, but the home is covered by the builder’s commitment to excellence for a certain period. The result? Peace of mind for the new owners.

“Our goal is simple: Design and deliver innovative, livable, great quality homes.” – RK Junior Staff

2). New Homes are Often Customizable

With a new custom home in Nashville, the buyer can choose everything from appliances to paint colors, finishes, room layout, aesthetics, design styles, and more. Even on luxury spec homes in Nashville, if a buyer commits to the home while the builder is still constructing it, the buyer can often jump in and make important decisions on final details.

It’s also worth mentioning that, given the country’s current housing shortage, it has never been more difficult for buyers to find homes that meets their needs. When there is little inventory on the market, bypassing existing inventory and getting exactly the type of home one wants is a much better choice, and buying a new custom home allows one to do just that.

“Every RK Junior home is different for one reason. We start with your life, and then we build around it.” – RK Junior Staff

3). Modern Construction Technology Means Energy Efficiency

It should come as no surprise that modern homes are far more energy efficient than older homes. Advancements in building materials and energy technology mean new homes do not use as much energy per square foot as older homes, allowing buyers to save a considerable sum of money over time in the form of reduced energy bills. This could amount to thousands of dollars in savings if one lives in their new home for several years.

“Are you looking to find your next home? With multiple new construction projects coming soon, were sure we have something perfect!” – RK Junior Staff

4). Low Maintenance Means More Time Spent with Family

Those interested in working with a Nashville homebuilder and those looking for the best homes in Nashville will have inevitably heard the term “turnkey.” While realtors like to use the term to describe any home in good condition, the only truly turnkey homes are brand-new homes. “Turnkey” means all one has to do to begin living there is to “Turn the key.”

In homes like these, because the home is a new construction product, everything in the home is new, and nothing needs updating, replacing, or improving. Further, the finishes, appliances, heating and cooling, plumbing, roofing, and electrical are all new, so buyers can expect several years of peace and tranquility in their new home before any major maintenance is required.

“How beautiful is this detailing on this home? The mix of stone and natural wood add dimension and variety to the exterior. These are the touches that help your home stand apart from the rest!” – RK Junior Staff

5). No Previous Owners Mean No Risk for Poorly Done Repairs or Other Hard-to-Find Problems

Home inspectors do incredible work examining old homes for anything that may need to be addressed before a new buyer commits to buying the home. However, even the best home inspectors might not catch every possible flaw in an older home, and when buyers are planning to purchase, they take a certain degree of risk when buying a used home. That risk isn’t there when they buy a new home.

Even with the help of skilled home inspectors, potential buyers cannot know every single little thing previous homeowners may have done to a home to create a potential problem (previous owners may have performed unlicensed repairs or modifications, just to name one example). When buyers purchase new homes, they rest easy knowing they are the first to occupy them.

“We work hard to ensure we design and deliver innovative, livable, great quality homes within agreed timeframes, while offering exceptional value. We personally stand behind this Vision – we’re always available to speak with our clients should the need arise.” – RK Junior Staff

Buying New Means Investing in Peace of Mind

RK Junior builds some of the best Nashville luxury homes. RK’s trademark custom Middle Tennessee homes are visible in many of Nashville’s most coveted neighborhoods. Committed to setting the bar for Nashville home design and development, RK Junior doesn’t cut corners; it builds them.

A new luxury home in Nashville is the perfect way to begin a new chapter in life. To create your perfect custom home in Middle Tennessee and Greater Nashville, click the “Book a Discovery Session” button below. To learn about our current offerings of unique luxury homes in Nashville’s many diverse neighborhoods and communities, click the “View Available Homes” button below. If you have any questions, please call our office at (615) 377-0759 or fill out our convenient contact form.

We look forward to hearing from you.

-Ren Brabenec
RK Junior Staff Writer